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  • What are you thankful for? Community Impact Award vote espyWith thanksgiving around the corner we wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the things we have to be grateful for.  Of course we are grateful for $23 fleece lined leggings, cozy winter tunics and layers upon layers (all available at espy) – but  most of all we are grateful for YOU – our ... Continue Reading
  • The espy Trend Report for Fall Fashion 2014 Fall Fashion 2014It’s here, and in a big way… Fall Fashion has come knocking at the espy doors and we are welcoming it with open arms and giddily bringing it to your change room.  The Fall season has often been quoted as Summer’s last and beautiful grand finale before the long dark months of winter set in.  In ... Continue Reading
  • Curvy Girl Denim; How CJ by Cookie Johnson Achieves the Perfect Curvy fit. Cookie JohnsonJean shopping is often categorized as being on the same hated level as swimsuit shopping.  This common categorization is fair, especially if your body type isn’t ‘mainstream’ in regards to product offered at most boutiques or department stores.  However,  here at espy we pride ourselves on being able to fit a variety of body types and ... Continue Reading
  • #ParisFashionWeek is over, but fresh summer fashion at espy has just arrived! kelsey_skirtThe espy stylists love watching the runway styles and trends that emerge from #parisfashionweek; but what they love even more is styling you with as much pomp and grace as the elite attendees of these shows, in looks that are still yyc street friendly.  With #paris being fresh in our stylists minds’, they have put ... Continue Reading
  • Summer Custom Suit Room Promotion Custom Suits #unionmade The professional European tailors at S. Cohen made a union contract over 30 years ago that said they all got to take 3 weeks off in the summer to go back home to Europe .. .. #smart for them. . . It means summer orders of S. Cohen Custom will be delivered by the 2nd week ... Continue Reading
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